Foreign Exchange

Tax Refund

Compliance approval, 3 days at the soonest
Safe and smooth, convenient operation, foreign trade as simple as domestic trade
Unlimited amount, unlimited orders, for small and medium enterprises to revitalize their funds

Jiangsu Xinmaotong

One-Stop Foreign Trade Process

Basic Service

Zero Charge for Agency Fees

The costs of the export process (customs clearance, logistics) shall be charged according to the expenses occurring during the actual operation;

Export refund service fees are low, the actual operation shall prevail, online consultation for details


Basic Service

Customs Clearance / Foreign Exchange / Tax Refund


Access Condition
The Exported products shall not be banned by Trade and Export Services;Search for the banned products Drawer of export products shall be the production-type general taxpayer enterprise


Tax Operation

Comprehensive foreign trade service, tax refund agent


Early Tax Refund Condition
Full collection of foreign exchange;
If we do customs clearance, then customs clearance open will do; if the customer does customs clearance, then the clearance status shall be cleared;
No error in VAT invoice。

Your foreign trade manager

Provide Full Finicial Service Solution For Foreign Trade Enterprises

Financial Service

Export Refund Financing

3 Days at the soonest

Simplify the tax refund process and revitalize the funds

Credit Insurance

Third party guarantee to ensure transaction safety
On demand, by ticket
Ensure safe receivables

Easy Letter and Finaicing

Logistics Service

Sea / air service

Including port clearance and distribution, simple procedures, save time and expense
Price advantage, reduce logistics cost
Many well-known shipping companies, airlines perennial cooperative relations, cabin support
Air transport line, LCL, FCL

International express service

Efficient, safe and punctual
Internationally renowned courier companies Fedex, DHL, UPS, and EMS provide global service

Domestic Transportation Service

Provide professional, fast, safe logistics supporting service

A large number of third party logistics providers with large capacity and experience, offering a wide range of options for customers.
Safe vehicle monitoring technology to ensure the safe arrival

The expert examines the terms of the letter of credit to ensure transaction safety
L/C buyout, quick return of funds
Provide basic services gratis

Safe and efficient, low cost, quick settlement
A number of banks supporting the foreign trade service platform
Secure and fast, forward foreign exchange hedging, avoid exchange rate fluctuations

Simple process, Quick clearance
Professional clearance department, quickly complete customs declaration
Direct customs connection, 1 day's fast clearance