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Business Architecture
     As Yangzhou's first (only) provincial pilot enterprise in foreign trade,We have taken the model of " the Internet plus multiple channels". Accelerate the reform in traditional foreign trade mode.
In Enterprise marketing, Relying on Google (Bing/Yahoo, Yandex) dominance and big data capture function, help enterprises to pinpoint the overseas customer groups, improve the sales. We also provide program formulation and integration for foreign trade enterprises. Help build their own professional overseas site. Ensure more customers to find them.
    Help enterprises to establish up to 20 languages of the international marketing e-commerce website, and using keywords precision marketing technology and multi channel marketing combination, the world's largest search engine for the 180 countries to promote global coverage. It will improve the core competitiveness of overseas online marketing and e-commerce, help enterprises to quickly open up Europe and the United States and emerging markets, and improve export enterprises overseas market orders.
In comprehensive services,We provide customs clearance, foreign exchange, tax rebates, logistics, finance and other foreign trade integrated services.
    At the same time, we integrate supply resources, direct docking, inspection, foreign exchange and tax supervision service system, to maximize the efficiency of customs clearance, customs clearance to reduce costs, so that more businesses could enjoy related policy.

Our Team

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Marketing Team

Has helped many enterprises realize the globalization of network promotion and opened the international market. For different companies of the industry, scale and prospects, we will provide you with tailor-made international marketing program. Help you earn money, that is, to win us a good reputation.

Design Team
We have international consciousness and forward-looking thinking; we have strategic creativity and exquisite vision;we can proactively tap customer advantages and organize, package and communicate effectively. We pursue the forefront of the Internet, we can insight into the Internet development and aesthetic trends.

   To accelerate the transformation and upgrading of foreign trade, the implementation of new formats of foreign trade, enhancement the advantages of foreign trade enterprises, by the support of Provincial Department of Commerce and the Yangzhou government, we came into being.
    Dedicated to providing One-Stop Foreign Trade Overall Solution to local small and medium-sized enterprises in Jiangsu. As a new market of foreign trade sales and circulation aimed at the international market, we hope to emancipate both hands and solve all problems encountered in the enterprise's foreign trade.
   We integrate years of foreign trade marketing data, provide one-stop marketing solutions for overseas demand for foreign trade enterprises, foreign trade and integration of high-quality supply chain resources, provide clearance, logistics, foreign exchange, insurance, tax rebates and other one-stop cross-border financing integrated services.

SEO Team
SEO team not only pays attention to the ranking of customer keywords, but also pays attention to the ranking, stability and timeliness of customer keywords。 Using the company's unique professional SEO optimization approach, the quality of the user experience to attract the greatest degree of natural flow; reasonable keyword density and site related architecture, so that more quality keywords.

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